Back to school

So today’s look is inspired for back to school.
It’s very comfy and stylish.
I like to wear it to the movie or to play frisbee.

My favourite pair of shoes is from Converse White Chuck Taylor Classic I love them so much.
You can pair them with jeans, shorts and dresses.
Jeans are actually legging from Levi’s 535 in Indigo Affection.
And t-shirt is my very old favourite. I obviously got it from Stanford souvenir shop 3 years ago.
My watch is from  Adidas. I got it also 3 years ago from Stanford Macy’s.
Sunglasses are actually not mine. I borrowed them from my boyfriend. Ray Ban 
I hope you guys liked it.
XOXO, Masha






Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe should be functional and to have a resource for new revenue. And to get something new, you need to get rid of the old one.
Wardrobe – it’s the same system as the monthly budget plan, which depends on the scope of activities, lifestyles and experiences that must be carried for the public – the target audience, with which you are communicating.
Start composing a basic wardrobe is best with a revision of an existing.
First you must get rid of things that you have not worn for 6 to 12 months – you will never put them on. The second step will be to extract things that are large / small.
Further cleaned things bought on impulse, if you know what they do not suit, but it is a pity to part. Also, get rid of things with can not be combined and are not relevant to your lifestyle.

Next you need to make a clear shopping list and plan a budget. “Shop-list”, which will include the subject of clothes, quantity, color and approximate price we are willing to spend on this model.

Basic wardrobe for any season:

1. Basic tanks and tees in different colors (black, white, nude, grey etc.). They are cheap and universal.
Wear them with jeans, shorts and skirts.
You wear tank undernise see through shirt.
Play around with different accessories.


2. Black turtleneck.
Invest in cashmere turtleneck. It’s warmer and softer. Yes, and Steve Jobs is also here.


3. Jeans
You can go here crazy, but choose that fits you most.
For basic you can start with dark blue jeans. The will be good for winter and light-washed for summer.
You can also add into your basic collection black or white and khaki jeans.
Jeanses are so universal. There are so many different styles of them: washed, with floral print, with holes, skiing, baggy.
Just choose which goes better with your wardrobe.


4. White bottom shirt (cotton & silky)
The most universal shirt. Pair with jeans, skirts and pants for office look.
Accessories with necklaces.
They’re easier to tuck in and look neat when left out.


5. A black dress.
“When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”
You just need it. No more words.

6. Pencil skirt
Generally the hem falls to, or just below, the knee and is tailored for a close fit.

7. Crew neck sweater in neutral colors.
Will keep you warm and comfy.


8. Cardigan goes with everything. You can wear it in cold season or just wear it in chill summer nights.
9. Denim jacket. Choose dark wash and slim fit.

10. Ballet flats.
Every girl should own at least 2 pair of ballet flats to run around the city.
Choose neutral color and for summer go for bright.


11. Basic black pumps.
You can wear them to your work or to the party.

This is the most basic wardrobe. To spice it up use different accessories like scarfs and belts.
Experiment with it.

6 must have bags

1. Large or medium-sized brown or black leather bag, which is stylistically appropriate to the majority of your clothes and generally fits in with your style.


2. Large or medium-sized leather beige, light brown, all shades of pastel bag that fits most of your looks.


3. Small bag on the long or medium length strap or chain in any color that you like and that fits to the most of your looks.

4. A small evening clutch in black, dark green, dark blue or any other dark shade.
5. Small bright clutch or bag.


6. Cloth or straw roomy bag for the beach, preferably colorful and bright. Or light as an option.